Charleston Area Floodplain Managers Contact Information

With all the new flood insurance changes that have just occurred starting October 1, 2013 I thought it might be a good idea to give out some key contacts that might help you and your clients through a smoother process in finding an already produced elevation certificate so flood insurance quotes can be produced and processed.

Below are the contacts for each local area to find out if a current elevation certificate exists so your client doesn’t have to shell out an extra $325.  That being said, if the elevation certificate that is on file is older than 10 years then it could potentially cause problems in the quoting process because not all the information needed will be on the older certificates, nonetheless, it is worth going through this process first before ordering a new elevation certificate.

Charleston County– Please email  or call at 843-202-6940 and provide the physical address of the property and if you have it the parcel number.  They will email the elevation certificate back to you if it is on file.  Note that Charleston County only handles rural areas, unincorporated areas and smaller towns around the area.  Otherwise you will need to contact the Town or the City where the property is located.

City of Charleston– Their general email address is They are now located in the Stormwater Management department and their website may be accessed here:

The phone number for the floodplain manager is 843-579-6481 and for the floodplain management technician is 843-579-6471.

Mount Pleasant– Please call 843-884-5184 and ask to speak with the Flood Plain Manager, Rob Rogerson.  His email is  Please note that if Mount Pleasant has an elevation certificate on file, they will charge a $10 processing fee…better than $325!

North Charleston– Please call 843-740-2564 and speak with either Rick, Charles, John or Darbis.  If they have it on file then they will provide it to you.

Berkeley County– Please call Terri Hancock at 843-719-4053 or email the flood plain department at

Dorchester County– Please call the Planning and Codes Department at 843-832-0011 and ask to speak with the flood plain manager.  Have your address handy and ready to provide it.

Once you have an elevation certificate in hand then call our office at 843.763.4200 and email the certificate to Andrew at and we can complete a quote and help advise your clients on the best solutions.  Keep in mind that quoting flood insurance is very tricky so only work with a knowledgeable insurance advisor.

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