My Client Information Isn’t Important, Right?

Business Owners think that they don’t have any important Client Information.

I hear it all the time.

I sell clothes. I sell furniture. I sell food.

I don’t deal with anything that would leave me liable when I’m hacked!

My question to you is this:

Who do you do business with? Who do you email? Who do you order from?

Do you email your Accountant? Your Payroll Provider? Your Bank? Your IT Provider?

Do you think their Client Information is important? They do have yours after all…

Do you get my point? The digital world is all connected!

Hackers are smart! They know your Payroll provider has strong security settings. They know not to waste their time on the Big Fish.

Hackers are going to spend their time on people like you. People who say they don’t have important information to protect. People who are not worried about them.

Once they are in your system they go straight for those Big Fish. They use you as the bait!

As soon as you send an email to your Payroll Provider they have all they need! BAM! You helped the hacker get exactly what they needed….


Do you know what that means for you?

That means your part of the lawsuit when your Payroll Provider finds out that the hack came from your email.

That means it’s your job to pay for Credit Monitoring for every one of their Clients.

That means it’s your job to pay the settlement that occurs from the Lawsuit brought against them.

That means it’s your job to pay the IT Firm to repair their system.

That means it’s your job to spend a TON of money that you don’t have.

So, when you say you don’t have anything important. You are selling yourself short.

You have everything a Hacker wants and needs.

Make sure that you’re not the one stuck paying for it when you’re one of the 60% of businesses that will be hacked this year.

Check out our prior blog post, “The Case for Hacker Liability Insurance”

Protecting yourself from a Hack can be scary and it’s not something to try to do on your own. We’re here to help your business survive a Hack.

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