Filing A Flood Insurance Claim

With the recent flooding occurring all over the Lowcountry this weekend we would like to provide valuable information on filing a flood claim and understanding the process.  To file a flood claim, be sure to have your flood policy in front of you as you will need a policy number to provide.  If you cannot find your policy, please contact our office and we can assist you.  We do recommend filing a flood claim directly but our staff is here to assist should you need it.  Below are a few claim phone numbers as this is the easiest way to file a claim and get confirmation of the receipt.  Please keep in mind your deductibles when considering filing a claim.  Additionally, there is a separate deductible that applies for each the dwelling/building and your personal belongings.  Personal belongings are valued on an “actual cash value” (ACV) basis which is the replacement cost less depreciation.  Dwellings can be valued on either a replacement cost basis (RCV) or ACV basis depending on if it is a primary or non-primary dwelling.

Do what you can to mitigate the situation if you do have water damage.  Put your belongings on higher levels or on countertops to prevent damage.  Most importantly, be safe and keep your family safe.  Your belongings can be replaced, your family cannot.  Call us if you have any questions, 843-763-4200.  If you do not have a flood policy and are interested in one, please complete the form by following this link – I want a flood policy or complete the form at the bottom of this article.

To learn more about flood claims handling, click here to download FEMA’s Flood Insurance Claims Handbook

Direct Claim Reporting Phone Numbers:

  1. Nationwide/Harleysville – 800-759-8656 (National Flood Services)
  2. Hartford – 800-759-8656 (National Flood Services)
  3. American Bankers – 800-759-8656 (Assurant) or 800-759-8656 (National Flood Services)
  4. UPC – 800-759-8656 (National Flood Services)
  5. Universal North America – 877-254-6819 (Torrent)
  6. Centauri – 877-254-6819 (Torrent)
  7. Lloyd’s – 877-356-6348 (Private Flood Program)
  8. NFIP Direct/FEMA – 800-767-4341 (If your policy simply states FEMA at the top)

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