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If you had a house fire and your home was destroyed could you list all your belongings in every room? What about placing a value on these items? Do you even have adequate coverage on your insurance policy for these person items?  These are a few questions you should ask yourself to help prepare yourself and family after a disaster.

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As a former claims adjuster, I saw first-hand the trauma and distraught-ness a family can go thru after a major loss. The last thing they were thinking about were the number of dress shirts and pillows they had in the spare bedroom or the number of books they had in their sitting room. I know it doesn’t sound like much but these items plus all your other belongings can add to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars when replaced. Forgetting about some items could leave you receiving tens of thousands less from a claim settlement. So what can you do to prevent this?

We recommend taking a proactive step to help with this potential issue and creating a home inventory list. It could be something as simple as going room by room and making a physical list or something even simpler as taking a few photos of each room so you can look back and say “oh yea, I forgot about that”. Bottom line, doing something is better than nothing.  As a service we offer to our clients, we would be happy to keep a copy of your inventory list on our secured server so you know it’s always available post-claim. Let us know how we can assist and best of luck with your home inventory list.

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