Hurricane Ian Final Prep List for the Carolinas

South Carolina and North Carolina Family, friends and clients of Mappus Insurance Agency that are in the path of Hurricane Ian. Here are some last minute tips that you can still do to prepare for the Hurricane Ian to make landfall in just a few hours:

– Take photos or videos of your house – go room by room, describe any costly items. Document. Do this in case you have a loss so you can show the pre-loss condition.

– Have your homeowners and flood insurance company claims phone numbers in your phone. If you lose internet, it may be hard to look them up. And in a crisis situation, it is simply not an option to look them up. If you are a Mappus Insurance Agency, Inc. client then simply file your claim at or email

– Know your policy’s deductibles. Virtually all homeowners insurance policies have a separate wind, named storm, or hurricane deductible. This is typically on a percentage basis. For example, if you have a 2% wind deductible and you are insuring your home for $600,000 then you have a $12,000 wind deductible. Keep this in mind in terms of what to expect back from your insurance company when settling your claim.

Here are some disaster mitigation companies that we trust and recommend should you need assistance from a hurricane loss.

A&I Fire & Water Restoration 843-720-4900

Pivotal Restoration 800-250-6071

Service Master of Charleston 843-760-0404

ServPro 843-884-2258

Disaster Plus 843-724-7247

Belfor 843-767-0711

Lastly, file your claims IMMEDIATELY. The sooner you file, the sooner you will have a claims adjuster reach out.

– Should you need to file a claim, click here

Email, Call, or Text us with any questions. We will be working so long that we have power and it is safe to do so. Thanks!

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