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Isle of Palms Insurance can be very tricky and expensive! We recently had an Isle of Palms Home Owner who felt like they were paying too much on their Isle of Palms Insurance. To give you the short version, they were. We were able to save them $12,000 a year with more comprehensive coverage for their Isle of Palms Home that they also used for Short Term Rentals.

The Issue

This Isle of Palms Homeowner thought that they had great coverage at a great price. Their Home and Flood Insurance had been quickly put together without being properly evaluated by a Local Independent Advisor like Mappus Insurance Agency to truly know how to insure this home at the best possible rate.

The Solution

We worked directly with the Homeowner to advise them on what it would actually take to fully replace their Isle of Palms Home. Because of our personal and local knowledge, we were able to provide them with a comprehensive report that allowed us to work together to reduce their Isle of Palms Insurance costs.

The Outcome

Because of our local knowledge and our unmatched options we were able to save this Isle of Palm’s Homeowner over $12,000 a year!!

$12,000 Per Year Isle of Palms

The Question

Why haven’t we done the same for you?

Now, we may not be able to save you $12,000 a year but the odds are pretty high that we will be able to provide you with significant savings. At the same time, we will provide you with our comprehensive report which will allow you to know the true replacement cost of your Isle of Palms Home.

It is a very quick and easy process to start working with one of our Expert Insurance Advisors. All you need to do is to fill out the form below and one of our Expert Insurance Advisors will be in touch to help you save BIG on your Isle of Palms Insurance.

You can rent this beautiful Isle of Palms home for your upcoming vacation

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