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Do you live in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville South Carolina and are considering purchasing a new home or refinancing your mortgage on your existing home?  Are you serious about saving money each month/year on your mortgage? Not sure who to work with? Do you need a list of good quality and trusted local mortgage lenders? Look no further…Below is a list that of the TOP SIX trusted mortgage lenders in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Summerville South Carolina.  

If you live in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville or other communities along the coast in South Carolina, here are some of the TOP MORTGAGE LENDERS that we recommend and why.  We recommend these specific mortgage lenders because we trust them and do business with them on a daily basis.  

Top Mortgage LendersWho you work with when it comes to your mortgage (your most expensive monthly and annual expense) is not something you should take lightly and certainly not something you want to simply do online with someone you do not know that is halfway across the country.  So where do you go? Who should you trust? Where should you start?…well, good thing you found this post!

So who does Mappus recommend as the top mortgage lenders in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Summerville?  What gives us the right to say who the top mortgage lenders in South Carolina are? Well…we have been writing home, wind and flood insurance in South Carolina since 1960 (that is 60 years of working with mortgage lenders) and we know the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to home closings and refinances and who can get the job done with the best deals out there.

Here are the Mappus Insurance recommended and trusted TOP SIX MORTGAGE LENDERS if you are serious about closing on a new home, refinancing or simply just reducing your monthly mortgage payment.

  1. Fred GrahamMoultrie Mortgage 843-654-0055 
    • Fred is the swiss army knife of lending.  There is literally not a situation Fred does not have a solution for.  Fred will get your deal done, bottom line. Fred is on top of everything, quick to respond, and extremely trustworthy.  His process is simple and easy for everyone and technology forward. Fred’s business is based in Mount Pleasant where he and his family live.
  2. Josh FeldmanFirst National Bank 843-507-8213
    • Josh has consistently been the top lender for all of First National Bank many years in a row.  Their team knows how to get things done. Great people with a great work ethic. They have a strong niche and specialty in working with doctors and dentists.  
  3. Chase TalbertBank of South Carolina   843-958-1095 
    • Chase is a hard-working family man that loves assisting first time home buyers, investors, and commercial property owners.  Because the Bank of South Carolina is headquartered locally, Chase can get things done quickly that many banks cannot.
  4. Alan GreerCresCom Bank 843-442-5548 
    • Great person and personality.  Alan is very knowledgeable with VA, FHA, USDA, and Conventional mortgages as well as lot loans and construction loans.
  5. Ros Zipperer1st Federal of South Carolina 843-908-9323  
    • Ros was born into the banking business and he has been around lending his entire (literally).  The neat thing about Ros and his team is that everything is done locally up to the top brass making decisions.  This is truly a Lowcountry Local business through and through. Ros works
  6. Bobby McGihonAtlantic Coast Mortgage 843-282-7540 
    • Bobby is a get it done kind of guy and an even better family man.  He is ahead of the curve when it comes to utilizing technology in his business and will tell you the truth every time, even if it means he loses the business.  Bobby is the 2020 recipient of the Best of Mount Pleasant Top Mortgage Company.

Lastly, as you go through the home buying or refinancing process, keep Mappus Insurance in mind as a resource to assist you with your home, wind and flood insurance needs.  Because of our independent status, we represent multiple insurance companies that specialize in insuring coastal properties for homeowners and flood insurance. We are also the top private flood insurance agency in all of South Carolina.  Find out for yourself why we have over 300 FIVE STAR GOOGLE REVIEWS!

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