Tropical Storm Isaias – Homeowners and Flood Insurance Coverage and Deductibles

As Tropical Storm Isaias heads towards the Carolinas, we want to take a quick moment to refresh everyone that virtually all homeowners insurance policies have a separate deductible for wind, named storms and/or hurricane related damage.  To learn more about how this works, click here.  Please refer to your policy for how this affects you directly.

We also want to remind everyone that floods are never covered under a homeowners insurance policy.  Flood insurance coverage must be purchased separately.  We encourage all our clients to carry flood insurance coverage, yes even in X flood zones.  To learn more about your flood risk, click here.

Should you have a claim from Tropical Storm Isaias, we recommend to file your claim directly with your insurance company so you claim gets “in the que” as quickly as possible.  Please do follow up with your agent or account manager here at Mappus so we can assist you throughout the process.

For a list of our insurance companies and claims contacts, click here.

Please stay safe.  Thank you.

Your Mappus Insurance Team

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